Giving Back: Sneakers

As a frequent runner, I understand the importance of replacing old running shoes. New sneakers should be purchased every 5 – 6 months depending on how often you run to ensure you are being supported properly. If you run at least 3 miles multiple times a week this is a good time frame to follow.…… Continue reading Giving Back: Sneakers

This Week’s Top 10 Playlist

Music always powers me through after a long day during a run. I decided to put together a list of some of my favorite songs from this week that pushed me through. I hope this list adds some fun an motivation to your next run! See the Spotify playlist below:

Favorite Stretches for Runners

Aside from eating healthy, resting and sleeping stretching is another crucial factor playing an important role in your overall running performance. Stretching helps prevent injury and prepares your muscles for high impact performance. Aside from helping during a workout, regular stretching helps improve blood circulation through the body which increases your energy levels and sharpens…… Continue reading Favorite Stretches for Runners

Simple Workout Hair Styles

Working out with long hair can be distracting so taking a few minutes to prepare your locks before a long run or workout is crucial. Here are a few styles and tips below that can help make this process easier and worry free: 1. Detangle Hair: Before throwing your hair up, take a minute to…… Continue reading Simple Workout Hair Styles

Run: FDR East Side Running Path

Run: FDR East Side Running Path Location: Lower East Side Run Distance: 4 Miles (You can add mileage by looping around Battery Park) Entrance: 20th Street and Avenue C (Stuyvesant Cove Park – there are multiple entrances along the East River but this is my favorite starting point!) Nearest Subway Stop: L Train 14th Street…… Continue reading Run: FDR East Side Running Path

Early Mornings & Running

Let’s face it getting up early in the morning isn’t always a pleasant experience especially during the NYC winter season. When your alarm goes off and you’re still half asleep, the easiest thing to do is to hit snooze and continue sleeping for another hour. So how do you conquer your mornings and really take…… Continue reading Early Mornings & Running

Run: Gantry Plaza State Park Long Island City

Location: Gantry Plaza State Park Long Island City Run Distance: 2 Miles (1 Full Loop) Entrance: 47th Road & Center Blvd (Right Side of Park) 50th Ave & Center Blvd (Left Side of Park) Nearest Subway Stops: Vernon Blvd 7 Train, Queensboro Plaza N, W, R and 7 Trains, Court Square-23 Street Station Great For:…… Continue reading Run: Gantry Plaza State Park Long Island City