Sunday: Inspiration

As the weekend is slowly winding down, I’ve started thinking about my goals and plans I have for this upcoming week. In addition to scheduling my workouts, I also pulled together some inspiration from external sources to get pumped for the week ahead. Below, I complied a few videos full of inspiration that will leave you feeling excited and ready for Monday!

Happy: This Netflix documentary will leave you feeling very thankful for the life you live. Recent studies are discussed throughout this video with surprising results of what actually leads to the true happiness of a person. Most people relate happiness to money, success and status, however, these aspects actually play a very small role in what brings us daily joy.

Fed Up: Is your goal to stay on track with a healthy eating routine this week? If so, Fed Up is the perfect documentary to motivate yourself to remain consistent with a nutritious diet. This documentary brings to life the issues of sugar and common foods the America culture has grown to promote as acceptable and normal to consume. Not only will you feel motivated to eat healthy food,  you will also gain a new and surprising outlook on the everyday foods we eat.

TED Talks: Need inspiration to get running or to switch up your workout routine? Watch this quick TED Talks video by Tony Horton to get into the right mind set to start your week on a positive note. Within ten minutes, Tony explains what eating healthy and exercising regularly can do for your body. He emphasizes the importance of switching up your exercise routine, maintaining a healthy diet and explains the mental benefits we gain from regular and consistent workouts.

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