Recap: Week 6 Marathon Training

This past week I decided to take it easier than normal to allow my body to fully recover after the 18 mile race. My legs were pretty sore until Tuesday and by Wednesday last week I felt my body was ready to run again. Since it’s starting to get dark out earlier, I ran in the gym on Wednesday night and outside for my long run on Saturday. To accommodate for the time change, I’m going to start doing more running in the morning to get those outdoor miles in. This week, I plan on fitting in 3 – 4 runs since my body feels recovered and back to normal. Below, I included a breakout of my workouts from last week:

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Run: 6 Miles (Treadmill) Strength: 2 X 60 Sec planks, 3 X 12 Assisted pull ups

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Run: 13 Miles (Outdoors) Strength: 2 X 60 Sec planks

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